We Support Entrepreneurs by Strengthening Business Organizations

What We Do

Your organization wants more sponsors, members or attendees to an event, but you're too busy managing day-to-day business. That’s when we can help.

We manage special projects, provide database and website development, event marketing, membership sales, sponsor package design, event production, social media, graphic design, grant writing and sponsorship sales.

Our work allows organizational leaders to focus on their core strengths and gives them access to a team of experienced professionals without having to train or hire.

Recent Gigs

In 2019, we have produced or co-produced more than 32 events, with more to come in the fall. From small workshops, conferences exceeding 1,000 attendees, and black-tie fundraisers. No matter what we do, work continues to focus on women, Latino and Veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and top-level executives. It's what we do best! 

This year we've also raised $1,700,000 in sponsorship and corporate grants. What's more, we've welcomed the National Latina Business Women Association - Inland Empire and the LA Area Chamber of Commerce to the family.

How What We Do Makes a Difference

The success of every entrepreneur leads to jobs. Those jobs, through city, county or state tax, lead to healthier, safer and happier communities.

Additionally, many of today's business owners support social causes in their community, like homelessness, vets, battered women and educational programs for low-income children.

By making business organizations more effective at growing businesses, we are amplifying the social impact entrepreneurs have on society.